Our Services


Diamond Drilling is our core business and accurately cuts holes through concrete, brick, stone or even steel reinforced concrete from 12mm up to 500mm diameter. Using our machines with dust extraction or with water feed, the holes can be drilled virtually dust free on horizontal, vertical or even inverted for drilling holes in ceilings.


We saw walls, ceilings or floors using a variety of machines from hand held disc cutters, ring saws, even diamond tipped chainsaws to 3 phase or Propane gas-powered floor saws that will cut up to 500mm deep.

Track saws operate using a steel track that is fixed to the wall, floor or ceiling and the blade (up to 1.2m diameter) is mounted on a hydraulic motor that is controlled via hydraulic hoses from up to 5m away from the cut.


We offer the Brokk 90 robotic breaker/cruncher which runs on electric motors. Meaning no exhaust fumes. This machine is perfect for confined spaces as it is operated remotely via heavy control cables to the operator. The machine is 900mm wide and weighs 930kg. Capable of all small to medium demolition jobs.

Transportation is never a problem as it can be taken to and from site on it's own trailer behind a small pick up truck.

For more information on our diamond drilling services, call us 020 8896 1222 or email drilling@oltools.co.uk.